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"Jeroen Schipper's new collection TOP DOG is a must for children the world over who wish to learn English through singing. The songs are delightful, with catchy tunes that are easy to pick up, and the interactive nature of the songs makes them ideal for the classroom."

Alan Tongue,  conductor and musicologist


"The songs and music were brilliant - fun and snappy. My little brother was dragon-dancing all over the cathedral in Cambridge!"

Jona David, 9-year-old author of The Epic Eco-Inventions / Inventor Boy and Little Brother Series (UN, 2014)


"This is an infectiously brilliant collection full of interactive songs and catchy enthusiastic performance. If only all classrooms could call on Jeroen Schipper to lead a session."

Ian Gordon


"My grandchildren ages 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 have really enjoyed listening to the music while following along in the book! I had ordered it for a Christmas gift but I just couldn't wait to give it to them!

Rosemary Nilles 


"In most song books there are just one or two songs I want to use. In your book they are all brilliant!" 

Rachel Addison, music teacher


"I had all four of my grandsons here yesterday as it is half term but the mother of the youngest was here too PHEW! They loved the songs from the book and we sang and danced all round the living room and then sang and danced round the park and enjoyed every minute of it. They had a ball.

Rona Barbour, teacher and storyteller


"I've had a listen to some of the songs on the website and they sound really great!"

Stacey Chapman-Burton, Music Subject Leader, Mayfield Primary School


"I gave my goddaughter Imogen a copy of Top Dog for her birthday recently. She and her twin brother Nathaniel were 7. I played them one or two songs, and then left them to listen to the rest themselves. They really liked the one about the rhyming geek, especially the idea of being put in a stew if they got the rhymes wrong, but their favourite became the rattlesnake song. Imogen started dancing a sort of Egyptian dance, and then they both picked up maracas and held them like tails behind their backs. They danced and shook their rattles, prancing about till the song came to an end. Then they played it over and over again, seven more times, dancing and shaking their rattles behind them. They only stopped because it was time to go and have their bath."

Harriet Barlow


"I’ve just received my copy of Top Dog. What a superb achievement! "

Sam Hayes, Music Director, Great St Mary’s Church


"The vowel song looks really good and the sort of thing the children could get into to familiarise themselves with these sounds." 

Mandy Farrer, Leader for Language Teaching, Shirley Primary School

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