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TOP DOG is here! A songbook full of bright new songs for children, which will invite and encourage them to delight in singing, wherever they are: at home or travelling, at camp or in the classroom. The melodies and rhythms bear the influence of various cultures, and so enhance the children's appreciation of the richness and diversity of world music. Children love the way these songs appeal to their own close concerns, both the everyday and the imaginative ones.


The book is also an engaging source for everyone concerned with the musical development of children. Part of this development involves being able to listen to one another and to oneself. The TOP DOG songs encourage this, with alternating parts, solos, echo responses and more.


Currently the book is out of print. Dutch customers can order with SWP publishers, Amsterdam or


The songs were originally written and composed in Dutch by Jeroen Schipper:


The English translations were made by Peter Hilken, Kathleen van der Weerd and Jeroen Schipper.


Illustrations are by Tjerk Sixma:

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